If you have read my article about roulette (if you have not, then you should), then you will know that it is a table game with a relatively low house edge. Any experienced online casino player knows that not all games have the same house edge and that the lower the house edge is, the more chance you have of winning. Below I am going to take a look at the house edge of some other very popular casino games.

Backgammon – House Edge of 4.82% to 6.39%

Backgammon is a really popular game at online casinos now. When the game begins, each player has 2 pieces that are known as “Point 1”.  When you are playing this game, there are three bet types that you can place and this are Out, Doubles, and Jump. After all the wagers have been put down, the Shooter rolls the dice. A player’s main aim is to get their 2 pieces beyond the middle bar with just one dice roll. If they manage to do this, then anyone who made a Jump bet will be a winner. The shooter will the roll again and if both pieces are taken off the playing area, anyone who placed an Out bet will be a winner. If a double appears when the dice are rolled, then anyone who placed a stake on Doubles will be a winner.

Caribbean Stud Poker – House Edge from 5%

When you are playing most types of poker, you really need to be a good bluffer, but bluffing does not come into the equation when you are playing Caribbean Stud because you only aim is to beat the dealer. When you start to play, the first thing that you have to do is place down an ante bet. Then, the players and dealer will be given five cards. Every single one of the players’ cards will be placed face-down, while four of the dealer’s cards will be face-down, with one face-up. You can then pick up all your cards and decide whether you want to fold or raise. If you decide to fold, your ante bet will be lost. There is a progressive slide bet in this variation of poker – what you need to do is place a poker chip in the progressive box and if your hand is a Royal Flush, you will win some big money.

3-Card Poker – House Edge from 1.5%

This is a fun and quick variation of poker, and it is really popular due to how fast it is. With this variant, as the name suggests, the dealer and the players are given 3 cards. To qualify to carry on playing, the dealer must have at least a king high. Although it is a quick variety of poker, you can still use all the normal poker strategies that exist.

Pai Gow Poker – House Edge from 2.5%

If you mixed a Chinese domino game with poker, then Pai Gow poker is what you would get. You will be given seven cards, and you will have to make two hands from the cards that you have been given. Therefore, you will have double the chance of being a winner. You will be able to enjoy this game at many online casinos that you come across.

European Roulette – House Edge from 2.5%

When you play European roulette, you will have an advantage as this game comes with a higher player edge. Some quick maths will make this clearer to understand. On a straight bet (where you bet on one number only), the online casino will give you a payout of 35:1. When you play American roulette there is an extra double zero slot, but the payout you will get for a straight bet is still 35:1. However, you have less chance of guessing correctly in American roulette due to the one additional pocket.

Slot Games – House Edge from 2% to 10%

Slots are some of the most popular games that you will find at online casinos. The gambling industry is really competitive, so software developers have to keep outdoing themselves in order to stay ahead of the pack. Most slots that you will encounter now come equipped with free spins, bonus rounds, and huge jackpots to try and stay ahead of their rivals. You should definitely keep an eye out for slot games with the aforementioned features as they will have a reduced house edge.

Craps – House Edge of 1.4% to 5%

Craps is one of the most entertaining games to play when you are visiting a brick and mortar casino, but what about when it comes to online casinos? Well, there are many different rules, and this is something that sometimes put new players off from trying it. However, when compared to other games, it has bets that have a very low house edge. For example, a Don’t Come or Don’t Pass bet in craps has a 1.4% house edge. Craps are very popular among polish people about what you can read more here: https://www.grykasynowe.waw.pl/.

Single Deck Blackjack – House Edge from 1.5%

When you are playing blackjack that uses just the one deck, your chances of being a winner are improved significantly as the house edge is a lot lower. If you choose the correct strategy and manage your bankroll correctly, then your chances of winning will shoot up.

What Casinos Should New Zealanders Play At?

We all know that the gambling world is very competitive, and that there are more online casinos that us Kiwis can join than we can shake the proverbial stick at. Online gambling is actually illegal in New Zealand, but the government are powerless to prevent us from gambling at online casinos that are not based in New Zealand and are happy to accept Kiwis. So, what do I believe are some of the best online casinos for us kiwis? Well, I have listed some below:

I actually have an account with Jackpot City Casino, but if you decide to sign up with any of the above online casinos, I am certain that you will have a great online casino experience whenever you decide to log on to play.