By now, having gone through the array of posts I’ve already made, you made already be getting a sense of the man and the myth that is Phil Garland. So, let us through what the yanks call a ‘curveball’ out there and give you my thoughts on the subject matter of gambling and casinos. Sure, it seems a completely innocent subject matter, given that my interests reside in cricket, rugby and a sock memorabilia collection that showcases the design of socks from the early 60s up to the present day.

Casinos:  I casi-no way to argue that it’s not fun!

Does this Phil Garland gamble? No, I would not participate in such activities that ask of me to freely hand over money with nothing in return. Does that Phil Garland gamble? Hell yeah! Basically, my opinion on the matter is mixed. (Except on Roulette Wheel because I love it way too much!)

My love of sport allows me to bet on these areas because I know my odds of a return are better because these games are not fixed. Unless I’m shafted by some ridiculous match result that sees my team lose and costs me months of investigation work into sports corruption.

I like to spread my options out when it comes to sports betting, yes I have more success than failures doing this, but then I’ve had more good cheeseburgers than bad ones and with that analogy, you can do what you like.

As for casinos, I’ve experienced a few on my travels. Touring can be lonely and tiring, with the to combined, there’s no better place to be than inside a casino asleep on the craps table whilst others play around you.

The newest wave of gambling is indeed online, online casinos, casino online, I’m not too sure of the order, but they are now the place to be, though watched from a distance at your computer. I haven’t signed up to any form of online casino or casino online( due to my tennis elbow injury back in ’89. What I’m told is that you essentially get what normal casinos have but on a bigger scale.

Is gambling wrong? I’d say there are worse things in the world like daytime television.

Is gambling fun I’d say there are worse things that happen when your wife is drunk.

Is gambling a representation of anything philosophical, metaphorical or metaphysical? Only when looked at whilst wearing a goldfish bowl on your head.

Summary of opinions of gambling and casino

Here is a summary of the arguments and thoughts I have made:

I started out with a title; this highlighted that gambling would be discussed especially in south africa.

I then reminded you of the person I am, just as a precursor warning of the kind of discussion that would lie ahead.

I then came up with a delicious pun on the word casino, turning it into two words to form a point about the subject. It’s my best work to date.

I then went on to discuss casinos, their bonuses and in it no deposit bonuses and sports betting and that’s the summary of the summary summed up.